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Wall Street Without Walls (WSWW) connects capital market institutions and financial products with organizations engaged in community economic development in low and moderate-income communities, both urban and rural. WSWW fills a finance expertise gap in the nonprofit sector by creating teams of volunteer investment bankers. 

Volunteer Expertise is the New Philanthropy
Thanks to the generosity of the John Templeton Foundation, WSWW can offer municipalities, community development financial institutions, and similar for-profit and not-for-profit organizations that serve low to moderate income communities access to financial technical assistance from senior and retired executives through a series of conference calls. The goal of each project is to help a community development organization think through a financing need (usually more than $5 million) and identify the best structures and sources for funding it.

The expertise is provided by our advisory board volunteers, who are senior and retired Wall Street investment banking professionals with backgrounds in Municipal Finance, Real Estate, Corporate Finance, Emerging Markets, and Structured Finance. Volunteers are asked to participate in up to six conference calls in a twelve-month period. WSWW specializes in making the best use of our volunteer’s time – matching their specific career-developed skills with the right community development projects, and insuring that all the volunteers have to do is be on the calls. WSWW takes care of the logistical and research support needs of the projects.

Get involved! To learn more about volunteering with or receiving assistance from, WSWW and our Templeton League for senior and retired financial executives, see below.

The financial technical assistance provided by our conference calls help our collaborators structure their deals and understand the pros and cons of a particular approach. If an organization needs additional guidance, on-the-ground support, or execution assistance, Wall Street Without Walls and our network of consultants can provide custom solutions.

Events and Convenings       
Wall Street Without Walls has trained more than 1,000 community finance leaders in the latest tools and developments in community development finance, such as Mission- and Program- Related Investing. Details on our events are at www.wallstreetwithoutwalls.org/events. These events bring together senior government officials, banking and foundation executives, and community development practitioners to work on common goals in a win-win atmosphere. 

Wall Street Without Walls has partnerships leveraging the skill sets of both organizations to advance the field of community development finance. These include the Milken Institute, Federal Reserve Bank System, the Council of Development Finance Agencies, The Disability Opportunity Fund, Opportunity Finance Network, NeighborWorks America, Enterprise, and LISC.

History and Mission
Wall Street Without Walls was created by former Wall Street executive Greg Stanton to provide volunteer investment banking and capital markets services to improve economic conditions in low-and-moderate income communities and to support the nonprofits that serve them. The mission of WSWW is to encourage bankers’ volunteer involvement and support the profession’s responsibility to serve the needs of community development nonprofits and to develop new services and products for the field; such as green finance, micro-finance, healthcare and education.

Get Help from Wall Street Without Walls 

WSWW connects senior and retired financial services volunteers with community development organizations and cities who have complex community economic development challenges. To learn more about receiving assistance from us, see below.

Volunteer with Wall Street Without Walls

We work with senior and retired Wall Street professionals and financial engineers who want to use their lifetime of experience and skills as their philanthropy. We are looking for people with backgrounds in Real Estate, Emerging Markets, Public Debt and Structured Finance. We specialize in maximizing the value of just a few hours of your time. To learn more about volunteering with us, see below.

Wall Street Without Walls 

Wall Street Without Walls is currently on hold. For more information, contact Ian Fisk at ian.fisk@wallstreetwithoutwalls.org